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【原苦瓜电影网】In the SUV market, Changan has once again made efforts this year, covering products with full-size large SUVs. As the flagship model of this year, the full-size SUV Changan CS95 received much attention in 2016. Let's take a look at how this car performs.With ambitious goals, there will be no short-term setbacks.

The new coronary pneumonia epidemic has caused unprecedented impact and impact on cities, especially large cities. How to mitigate the impact of similar public emergencies on urban development? How to increase city resilience?The delivery is mainly aimed at users of new car experience. The first batch of vehicles to be delivered is a high-performance version of Cyrus 5 extended-range four-wheel drive with a price of 339,000 yuan, a total of 100 units.

Part I:They really love each other. Part 2:It's still like family and friends
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