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【xrk77.xyz】At the press conference of Beijing New Coronavirus Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control held on the afternoon of June 23, Cui Wei, director of the passenger transportation team of the Office of Epidemic Prevention and Control of China Railway Beijing Bureau Group Co., Ltd., introduced that Beijing will strictly manage Beijing out of the country The principle of “no need to leave Beijing”. From 0:00 on June 23, the railway department discouraged passengers from failing to provide a negative nucleic acid test within 7 days.Any restriction begins with your own heart.On June 28, China Everbright Group held a symposium on "Commemorating the 40th Anniversary of the Founding of the Youth Travel Service" in the China Youth Travel Service Building.There is no one who does not have a deep understanding of the value of time, and will never be tough and diligent.,See Fig

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People often say: like a person

On June 1st, the Capital Institute of Pediatrics moved for the first time more than 20 years of children's day expert free consultation activities to the "cloud." Patients can enjoy the "online follow-up consultation" function of the WeChat public account of the "Children's Hospital Affiliated to the Capital Institute of Pediatrics" to enjoy the one-stop Internet diagnosis and treatment service of "online follow-up consultation, prescription issuance, and home delivery of medicine".

It's still like family and friends

It doesn’t matter what you sell, but how you sell it.....

They really love each other.

There is no best product, only the most suitable product.....

To my family

Memory is like water in the palm, whether you open or hold, always from the fingers, drop by drop flowing clean.....

To my family

God will not reject any seller who dares to challenge himself.....

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