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Today we continue to make progress.Spring is the season of high incidence of herpes zoster, especially people with tension, anxiety or overwork are more likely to get caught in the virus.

Part I:It's still like family and friends Part 2:Collect all kinds of jokes to amuse Faye Wong;
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Get rid of your responsibility

Do not go forward, do not know the way; do not study hard, do not understand the truth.……

Faye Wong is ill

After the emergency response level in Beijing was raised, when citizens enter parks, supermarkets, banks, and other places, they need to check the health status of individuals by scanning the "health treasure". A reporter recently visited and found that some old people were stopped outside because they did not bring a mobile phone, used a smart phone, had no traffic, or did not use applets. Some citizens suggested that public places such as banks, parks, supermarkets and other public places should provide service measures such as "declaration inspection" to help the elderly solve their problems.……

Take good care of

On June 25th, in the sampling room on the first floor of Chaoyang Sports Center, the nucleic acid detection team of the Capital Institute of Pediatrics completed the business of supermarkets, farmers' markets, express delivery, construction and other industries in Chaoyang District's bungalow area and tens of thousands of residents in the jurisdiction Sampling work.……

A good character is a man's best card

People do not see, youth easy old dance Qingqiu. Read long, hate long……

Get rid of your responsibility

Behind every effort, there must be a double reward.……

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