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【坐在腿上吃饭连在一起】On November 7, OYO Hotel announced that it has invested 700 million yuan in infrastructure upgrades, and continues to provide hotel owners with offline demand expansion, reservation systems, hotel management systems (PMS), OTAs, dedicated customer service representatives, revenue management systems, etc. So as to continue to increase the hotel occupancy rate. At the same time, OYO hotels will also adjust the fees for these services appropriately. In order to further serve the owners, OYO Hotel also announced the launch of the VIP Owner Program.The boss and the employee are not opposites, but harmonious and unified.

Yesterday, it was Zhang Zuofei's ticket; tomorrow, it was a promissory note that has not yet been cashed; only today is cash, which has value in circulation.The transaction proposal is to propose the right solution to the right customer at the right time.

Part I:In every detail of everyday life Part 2:Start with beauty
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