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【FUlao2官网】The China Hotel Association, the National Green Hotel Working Committee and Meituan jointly issued the “Convention on the Self-discipline of Chinese Hotel Guest Room Prevention and Prevention” in Beijing on the 5th. The hospitality industry is self-disciplined and provides a safer environment for consumers.Yesterday (June 16) evening, Beijing held the 121st conference of the New Crown Epidemic Prevention and Control. The customer service staff of Air China said that before the ticket purchase date was before June 15 and the travel date was between June 16 (including 16 days)-June 30 (including 30 days), the refund was requested before the flight took off. Refund handling fee is waived.

It's always firing people, the CEO; Always keep a straight face, so call the boss; If you often ignore people, that's called a manager.The Citizen's New Etiquette Health and Wellness Guidelines Compilation Committee of the "Chinese Accurate Health Communication Expert Consensus" composed of the China Health Management Association Health Culture Committee, the Chinese Medical Association Infectious Diseases Branch, and the Chinese Medical Association Science Popularization Branch, etc. As a guide, from the source of scientific communication to be precise, to the channels of scientific communication, and to the audience of science communication, we strive to explore the laws of etiquette to prevent and control infectious diseases, and constantly improve the conventions in appearance, instrumentation, manners, rituals, behaviors, etc. Cognition, forming a consensus of the whole society to follow the new etiquette.

Part I:Hundreds of messages are sent every day Part 2:Although Li Yapeng is reluctant to give up
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Egyptian Prime Minister Madbuli held a press conference on the 16th and announced that in order to further control the spread of the new crown virus, Egypt will suspend all flights entering and leaving Egypt from March 19 to 31.……

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1. Violating the basic principles determined by the Constitution; containing other content prohibited by laws and administrative regulations;……

It's hidden in his attitude towards life and work.

China Southern said that the resumption of the flight also marked the official transfer of China Southern Airlines' Wuhan-Beijing route from Beijing Capital International Airport to Beijing Daxing International Airport. The flight number of the Wuhan-Daxing route is MU2679, the flight time is 9:40 to 11:50, every day; the flight number of the Daxing-Wuhan route is MU2680, the flight time is 12:55 to 15:25, every day class.……

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