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【https: 快喵】After hard work, the situation of prevention and control of China's new coronary pneumonia epidemic continued to improve. However, the epidemic is still spreading globally and the situation in many countries is grim. In the Chinese plan, integrated Chinese and Western medicine treatment is one of China's valuable experiences in responding to the epidemic. In the process of combating the epidemic, what role has modern technology played in the service of traditional Chinese medicine, and what are the new ways to help global anti-epidemic?1. For any content uploaded by users to the publicly accessible area on Sike, the user agrees to grant Sike a permanent, irrevocable, free, non-exclusive and sublicensing right and permission worldwide. Customers can use, copy, modify, adapt, publish, translate, create derivative works based on them, disseminate, perform and display all or part of these contents, and incorporate all or part of these contents into other works of any form, In the media or technology.In the isolation ward of Youan Hospital, doctors from Chaoyang Hospital, Anzhen Hospital, Tiantan Hospital, Tsinghua Changgeng Hospital, etc. who settled in Youan Hospital for support, fought with the doctors here for more than 50 days, insisting to sit together every day Study the patient's treatment plan. It was in this way that they won the patients' safety and continuous recovery day and night.On the morning of April 20, the official gate of Guanting Reservoir was officially opened to release water. In 2020, the ecological water replenishment of the lower reaches of the Yongding River will be fully launched, and the Beijing section of the Yongding River is expected to be fully connected. The reporter learned from the Ministry of Water Resources on the 20th that in order to give priority to the protection of ecological water, this spring plans to add 175 million cubic meters of water to the Yongding River, including 120 million cubic meters of water from the Yellow River, and 40 million cubic meters of Shanxi Tiantian Reservoir. Friendship Reservoir and Yanghe Reservoir have discharged 5 million cubic meters and 10 million cubic meters respectively.,See Fig

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